Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to Tattoo

How Tattoos Change Over Time
How to Tattoo
In fact, nearly 10% of the US people have a minimum of one tattoo on some desired body part. By definition, a tattoo is a permanent mark on the body. The pigments of the tattoo are inserted below our epidermis through a needle into the dermis part so that the body retains that color always.

The tattoos change as time passes since our skin sheds off its dead cells and regenerates new cells. Besides, our skin changes owing to the climatic conditions and other assaults. Hence the tattoo's appearance changes along with the skin which shrinks and ages. The pigment turns light over time. We are prone to get age spots, wrinkles and tanned skin as we age. This can have a great effect on the color and the clarity of the tattoo.
How to Tattoo
So the vibrant color and the tattoo remaining intact depends upon the way how we maintain and care for it. There are some aftercare guidelines to be followed but the thumb rule is to prevent the tattoo area from any infection and assist the healing process so as to retain as much vibrant color as possible. Usually the time needed for a tattoo to heal is two-three weeks, provided that the area should be kept moistened always to prevent scabbing, a process that removes off color.
How to Tattoo
The chief enemy of a tattoo is the sun. The pigments tend to fade similar to all other colors when exposed to direct sunlight continually. Among the colors, red and yellow colors are the most complex and black and blue are the most stable and easier ones to maintain. The best preventive method is to stay away from sun and cover the area with clothing. If this is not possible, apply a good sunscreen.

Tattoos tend to remain in the dermis part but visible through epidermis. Some simple common sense preventive measure is to keep our epidermis layers clean, smooth and healthy by hydrating the area to enhance optimal clarity of the tattoo. Employ a gentle cleanser every week to eliminate the accumulation of dirt, body-oils and grime. A moisturizer, when applied daily, will still enhance the clarity of the color.

An expertly obtained, properly healed and protected tattoo will stay vibrant for many decades, though there is no escapade from the fade in color due to time.

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